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Passionate about your people's performance


About us

Human Interactions are your people and performance partner. We’re passionate about supporting business leaders to better understand and develop their people, in turn improving performance, engagement, capability, and ultimately profitability


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Human Interactions is passionate about your people's performance. We delve deep into understanding your business and understanding your people before recommending any training or development solution.

      Craig Bulmer   

Professionally, Craig has based his entire career on the certainty that if you really connect with people, then you can understand people and if you truly understand people you can influence behaviour change, which leads to greater employee performance

Candice Stein
Senior Associate

Professionally, Candice believes that knowledge is power. Knowledge empowers people to achieve great results and the more knowledge a person gains, the more powerful they become. Having the right tools, support and framework to apply that knowledge is the key to an effective change in behaviour.

Gretta Holt
Senior Associate

Professionally, Gretta has based her extensive experience on understanding the complex and seeking out the best solutions for individuals and organisations. Also, the belief that by tapping into your motivations and challenging the status quo, amazing things can happen to your performance, for the better.

Candy Silverstone
Senior Associate

Professionally, Candy believes that personal and professional development is a journey, rather than a destination, and there are periodically points where we feel ready to take the next step in our development journey. Sometimes we can do this on our own and sometimes we can benefit from suppor

We recently had Craig from Human Interactions kick off our Strategy Session with 31 members of our leadership team. His energy and enthusiasm had a positive impact on the remainder of the 2 days we spent together. Key points from Craig’s session were reinforced and referred to during our 2 days, enabling the team to communicate more effectively. He has a relaxed yet professional style which is incredibly genuine and authentic.



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