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Developing People's Skills to Support Organisational Goals

Employee Development Training Specialists

We provide consulting services and employee development training so business leaders, owners, and managers can develop the skills of their teams to achieve organisational goals.


We can customise our workshops to your requirements and can provide relevant and profound learning experiences both in face to face and virtual settings.

We will improve the capability of each individual in your team. We know when people are confident in their ability, they are more productive, effective, and collaborative. They are also more likely to be retained.

Engage every individual in building more effective relationships at work.

Develop the emotional intelligence necessary to support a thriving agile culture.

10 deliberate strategies you can implement, that drastically improve the quality of your work & personal life

Increase your mental health literacy needed to support someone experiencing a mental health problem, at your workplace.

Our Courses
All our courses & workshops are fully customisable.

Popular Workshops...

Popular Courses ...

Understand the importance of Employee Passion and Trust within the Organisation 

Create better employee communication and better workplace environments

Promote a culture of consistent sales success by improving and consolidating sales talent (innate) and skill (learnt)

To embed a best practice customer service culture that will create powerful customer advocacy

Learn more ...

Watch our video from Craig to discover more about Human Interactions and how we can work with you and your team.

Our Team

Craig Bulmer Profile Pic
      Craig Bulmer   
People & Capability

Professionally, Craig has based his entire career on the certainty that if you really connect with people, then you can understand people and if you truly understand people you can influence behaviour change, which leads to greater employee performance.

Candice Stein Profile Pic
Candice Stein
People & Capability

Professionally, Candice believes that self-awareness is critical to growth and development. Having the right tools, support, and framework to apply such insights is the key to an effective change in behaviour. 

Carla Rossi Zalmons Profile Pic
Carla Rossi Zalmons

Experienced Director advising private businesses on growth and transformation strategies. Passion for delivering change management interventions across the whole business ecosystem. Expertise in financial services, retail and technology industries. 


We recently had Craig from Human Interactions kick off our Strategy Session with 31 members of our leadership team. His energy and enthusiasm had a positive impact on the remainder of the 2 days we spent together. Key points from Craig’s session were reinforced and referred to during our 2 days, enabling the team to communicate more effectively. He has a relaxed yet professional style that is incredibly genuine and authentic.

Christian Harders - Henning Harders CEO

Our Clients

Empower people to maximise their potential