Customer Experience Training - (E-Learning)

Training Objectives:

To embed a best practice customer service culture that will create powerful customer advocacy

Training Overview:

The art of talking consultatively with customers to identify (and satisfy) their logical and emotional needs has as much to do with a consultant's mindset and their skillset. If they are unable to see, hear and feel the world from the customers perspective, they will be unable to authentically connect with the customer and have them feel understood. If they over-empathise with customers, they will be unable to step outside of this emotion to effectively resolve the issue at hand.

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Our Customer Experience Training (e-learning) courses include interactive learning content and a reflective practice plan where participants provide feedback on their application of concepts delivered.

There are over 20 Customer Service courses available; and include topics such as: 

  • The Psychology of Customer Satisfaction

  • Foundations of Resilience

  • Owning Your Emotional State

  • Critical Self-Awareness

  • Applying Self-Awareness 

  • Building Instant Rapport

  • Acknowledging & Empathising

  • Conversational Rapport

  • Establishing Agreement Frames

  • The Art of Chunking & Clarifying

  • Discovery Questions

  • Insight Questions

  • The Criteria Conversation

  • Differentiating Value

  • Gaining Consent

  • Neutralising Concerns

  • Re-framing Objections/ Concerns