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Rapid Change - How do we react to it?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This week we want to keep our post short, sweet and succinct. We appreciate how busy you are and want to offer some quick considerations for you as we continue to support business leaders to understand their people. In this 2 minute read we talk about rapid change and how people react to that change.

Human Interactions exists to support business leaders to connect with their people and develop effective teams. We know that teams that are resilient, collaborative and supportive of each other are better placed to manage change. But what if the change is more rapid than we have ever seen or experienced before? What if the change is mixed with a massive dose of uncertainty? What happens then? Simply people go into fear – it’s a psychological fact when humans don’t have certainty fear kicks in. When fear kicks in your people will think and therefore act differently.

We have no control – no control over next month, next week or even tomorrow. The only thing we can control is that we make a choice to live differently and embrace and adapt to the change by adopting a mindset, where we are adaptable, resourceful and creative problem solvers. We need to focus on how we can apply ourselves and become resilient and stay buoyant during these uncertain times.

So, what can we do right now to control the controllables in this stressful time? – Stick to or set up regular routines – Connect with colleagues, friends, loved ones and people in your community through skype, zoom or other online platforms – Advise your staff of some of the options available to them if they were to be stood down for some time i.e. educate them about the government packages – Do regular exercise and keep moving – Get outside, relax more and focus on what you have always taken for granted – Manage nutrition – Get enough sleep

These actions will have more of an impact than ever before. Stay safe and healthy.

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