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Maximising Human Potential

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Why Maximise Human Potential?

Enabling your people to be their best is a crucial part of a business’s success, after all the operation needs people to run it.

Many of you are aware of the time, effort, and stress caused by replacing team members. Do they fit culturally into your business? Why are they moving to your company, and how does their reason for moving have an effect on your business in the future. The effort, time, and planning required to train the new team member to bring them up to speed also take their toll on the existing team. They have to shoulder the load. They may have to deliver some of the training. The vibe of your business is completely different, albeit for a reasonably short amount of time - but it’s still inconvenient. With all this in mind, it's imperative to hold onto your staff and enable them to fulfill their potential.

The Cost of Human Potential

We have all read the statistics about disengagement in the workforce with many organisations having over 30% of their team actively disengaged. The cost to your business is significant but is it significant enough to change the status quo?

Human Potential And Success

The key issue for people being disengaged or leaving is that they don’t feel like they are successful. They believe they have more to offer. But as David Keane explains in his book - The Art of Deliberate Success - there are 10 behaviours that people need to embrace to be successful. Success is different for different people, but it is top of mind for many. How people define success impacts them each and every day. How do you make decisions, what are your priorities, how do you want your life to play out?

If you want to improve the organisation, get to work on enabling your people to become their best selves - David Keane.

In an article by David Keane that was recently posted on LinkedIn; he states “When a person is strongly engaged, they have made a direct and emotional connection between their personal values, goals, and aspirations and what it is their organisation is setting out to do. With strong engagement, a person becomes passionate about their work because they can easily see the relationship between the work they do, and something they believe in. And once that passion is ignited, employees feel enthusiastic about their work and how they can contribute”.

When you have a team that has set out to be successful and employ a DELIBERATE approach, the team will be more productive, more cohesive, and more efficient. Your team will be happier and actively engaged The two key components of a successful business are the operations of the business and the people in your business. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to ‘enable’ them to be the best version of themselves.

At Human Interactions we are proud to partner with David Keane and the 10 Behaviours of successful people. We can support you in implementing a 10 Behaviours program for your team. Imagine a team that is all on the same page, who are fully committed to your business because it aligns with their vision of success.

Need to know more about 10 Behaviours - call us on 02 8279 6955 or email us

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