Sales Capability Workshop - (E-Learning)

Training Objectives:

To promote a culture of consistent sales success by improving and consolidating sales talent (innate) and skill (learnt)

Training Overview:

Our sales development training programs have as their cornerstone a unique approach revealing the importance of emotions in the buying experience and the underlying motivations of a buyer’s criteria. All programs are underpinned by emotional intelligence - now proven as a critical sales success factor.

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More information:

Our Sales Training (e-learning) courses include interactive learning content and a reflective practice plan where participants provide feedback on their application of concepts delivered.

There are over 35 Courses available and include topics such as:

  • The Psychology of (Sales) Satisfaction

  • Managing a Non-Supportive Buy Cycle

  • Sales Self Image

  • Comfort Discussing Money

  • Inspiring Personal Desire

  • Sales Activity Goal Setting

  • Foundations of Resilience

  • Owning Your Own Emotional State

  • The Ideal Qualifying Process

  • Building Instant Rapport

  • Acknowledging & Empathising

  • Conversational Rapport

  • Influential Language Patterns

  • Gain Commitment & Advancing Opportunities

  • Discovery Questions

  • Insight (Tension Building) Questions

  • Insight Stories

  • Criteria Questions

  • Differentiating Value

  • Prospecting Part I - Mindset and Lead Generation

  • Prospecting Part II - Elevator Pitch

  • Prospecting Part III - Call Planning

  • Neutralising Objections

  • Reframing Objections