Team Cohesion

Team Cohesion.png

Being a cohesive team means that not only are group goals met but everyone feels like they have contributed to the overall success of the group. Individuals on a cohesive team tend to focus more on the entire group rather than their individual selves and are more motivated to work towards the team goal.

Teams that are in alignment on their strategic objectives will outperform teams who lack alignment. A high level of trust in teams enables team members to have the conversations they need to have to achieve alignment.

At Human Interactions we use a tool to measure each of the eight individual drivers that underpin consistency and communication and that ultimately contribute to a trust based culture. The level of trust can then be compared against organizational performance factors such as profitability, staff retention, productivity, employee engagement,customer satisfaction and absenteeism.

Trust White Paper - More Trust = More Profitability (Keith Ayres)

Trust White Paper - The Behaviours That Build Trust (Keith Ayres)